Work Without Walls an Interview with Maura Nevel Thomas

Hello Moneylangers! Welcome to another Moneylang featured post. We’ve been away to update our website and to get more books that we can share with all of you. We are also going to share tips and techniques on how to start a home-based job/business that can help our readers who are currently unemployed, students, moms who just gave birth who are looking for part-time jobs online and more to earn money at home.

Our featured author today, Maura Nevel Thomas, wrote Work Without Walls: An Executive’s Guide to Attention Management, Productivity, and the Future of Work. Work Without Walls is about business’ cultures, productivity, management, and improvement, teaching the readers what exactly to do to be able to “Work Without Walls”.

Work Without Walls is one of the best selling books in Business and Money, Top 30 in Work Life Balance Sub-category, Top 300 in Mentoring and Coaching sub-category and Top 800 in Workplace Culture sub-category.

Work Without Walls an Interview with Maura Nevel Thomas

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Name: Maura Nevel Thomas

Background: Maura Nevel Thomas is an award-winning international speaker and trainer on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance, and the most widely-cited authority on attention management. She is a TEDx Speaker, founder of Regain Your Time, and author of Personal Productivity Secrets and Work Without Walls. Her work is frequently cited in business outlets such as Fast Company, Inc., and Forbes, and she’s also a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and most recently, Thrive Global. Follow her on Twitter @mnthomas.

Favorite gadget: There are so many. It might be my Bunn MyCafe coffee brewer. I travel a lot and miss the great coffee I can brew at home.

Hobbies: Reading, making my own home and personal care products, traveling

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What is Work Without Walls: An Executive’s Guide to Attention Management, Productivity, and the Future of Work about?

Work Without Walls explains how to create a productive work culture that drives results by helping employees thrive. Two changes spur the need for a new approach to work. First, the shift from manufacturing to knowledge work means that companies’ primary “raw material” is the extent to which employees can successfully apply their brain power, and the “products” are intangible: ideas, information, communication, decisions. Second, rapid technological and cultural changes have taken work outside the walls of a building and an office, upended traditional work hours, and accelerated the pace of communication. These two developments are at odds. Increasing distraction and decreasing boundaries between work and personal time lead to disengagement and burnout for knowledge workers.

Work Without Walls serves as a blueprint for leaders who want to make changes — whether small and incremental or large and cultural — to support employees in bringing their “A game” and to create intentional environments that give their organizations a strategic advantage.

What inspired you to write your books? 

I had a unique and thorough education in personal and corporate productivity, and realized that with the increasing pace of work (and life), I could translate that education into expertise that could help people. I feel so fortunate to be able to help people regain control over their responsibilities to live a life of choice and bring their unique gifts to the world in a way that inspires and invigorates them rather than exhausts and overwhelms them. I wrote my books so that I could reach more people with this support.

What is the best chapter in Work Without Walls: An Executive’s Guide to Attention Management, Productivity, and the Future of Work people should read and why? 

Work Without Walls is a comprehensive blueprint for leaders to create a work environment that allows their knowledge workers to deliver high-quality knowledge work for their organizations. But each chapter addresses a common issue in modern workplaces, so it can also be used to solve specific problems that today’s leaders are facing. So the best chapter depends on the needs of the reader.

If you could give one piece of financial advice to our readers, what would it be?

Finance is not my area of expertise, but as an author and avid reader, I believe that there is no problem that can’t be solved by reading (or consuming the wisdom of others in any variety of formats, like videos and audio files).

As an author, which book/s made the most impact on you?

I started reading as a young girl, and reading made me a better writer, which made it easier to write my books than it may have been otherwise. So I can honestly say that a huge variety of authors have influenced me, from Carolyn Keene (pseudonym for the authors of the Nancy Drew series) and Judy Blume, to Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, to Malcolm Gladwell and Tony Schwartz. Probably the one that made the biggest impact on my life was Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins.

What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?

Did you write your book(s) working in intense sessions over a short time period or did it evolve organically over a longer period of time?


Ms. Maura is so nice, that’s an honest impression from the first time we talked via e-mail. She gladly accepted our interview invitation and even gave us a free copy of her book. It is such an honor to us here at Moneylang to not just have the opportunity to interview great authors like Ms. Maura, but also to be given the opportunity to know them more (not to mention the free books we’ve had from the authors we interviewed before), we are also learning from them and their books. That is why we want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Maura for the time you gave us. Thank you so much from all of us here at Moneylang!

What is this all about without our dear readers… We may not be here for the past weeks but we know all of you are waiting for the featured post from us. Thank you very much for the never ending support and for not leaving us.

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