Product Mastery by Geoff Watts

Product Mastery by Geoff WattsHello MoneyLangers! It’s happy Wednesday! Product Mastery, our featured book, written by Geoff Watts, with a foreword from Jeff Sutherland and Roman Pichler is one of the best selling books in Management and Leadership category, number 704 in Business sub-category, in Top 2500 in Software Design, Testing & Engineering sub-category and Top 9300 in Skills sub-category.

Product Mastery is just of the many books Geoff Watts has written. Some of his books that are also listed as one of the best selling books are Scrum Mastery and The Coach’s Casebook. He is also a speaker who loves to help and inspire others. let’s get to know him now and please, don’t forget to share this with your friends! Happy reading!


Product Mastery by Geoff WattsName: Geoff Watts
Background: Leadership Coach & Agile Coach helping companies build an organizational culture based on self-organization, rapid innovation and learning.
Favorite gadget: My BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones
Hobbies: Coaching children’s sport, umpiring, listening to the sea.

Twitter: @geoffcwatts



What is Product Mastery: From Good to Great Product Ownership book about?

Scrum is by far the most popular framework in the field of agile product development and the product owner role is crucial to success in this approach. There is quite a lot of literature on tools and techniques that people can use when attempting to build a product in an iterative, incremental way but very little on the so called ‘soft skills’ required to be effective in such an important leadership position.

What inspired you to write your book/s?

I’ve worked with many product leaders over the years and seen varying degrees of success at the more personal side of the role. For example how to become great at making decisions with incomplete information, how to get better at the difficult job of prioritization and managing the personalities of your stakeholders.

I felt it would be valuable to compile a set of stories that people could relate to and would provide some guidance for how to tackle the tricky aspects of a very difficult but very fulfilling role.

What is the best chapter in your book people should read and why?

I’m not sure I could say what the “best” chapter is in my book but I think the one that is slightly more important than the others is the first one – on being decisive with incomplete information. Product managers need to make hundreds of decisions every week (possibly much more) and understanding what makes it difficult – and what makes it easier – to make decisions is a huge quick win for people. A lot of the reflections that come from this process will also be useful in the other sections of the book and thus the other parts of the role.

If you could give one piece of advice to our readers about life, what would it be?

Let go of the idea of perfection. Perfectionism is a debilitating condition that severely affects our happiness. This doesn’t mean we should settle for mediocre or not try hard – far from it. However, there is a bit difference between ‘perfect’ and ‘excellent’.

As an author, which book/s made the most impact on you?

Eliyahu Goldratt’s book The Goal had a profound impact on me as it taught me how much easier it is to take in information and “get through” a book if it tells a story. It is still the “thickest” business book I’ve read but one of the quickest and most sticky because it was effectively a novel.

The other early books that inspired me are Steven Covey’s 7 Habits book as it inspired me to look at the habits of successful people and what we can learn from them and (no surprise here) Jim Collins’ From Good To Great book.

What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?

Why didn’t you write your book earlier?


To Mr. Geoff Watts, thank you so much for the time you gave us, for accepting our interview request. Thank you very much! To our readers who are always there to support us, thank you so much! See you on our next featured post!

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