Network Marketing Decisions – Interview with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Hello, MoneyLangers! Welcome back to our weekly special! Today’s featured author, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, together with Keith Schreiter, wrote Pre-Closing for Network Marketing: “Yes” Decisions before the Presentation, one of the best selling books in Marketing and Sales category.

Aside from Pre-Closing for Network Marketing: “Yes” Decisions before the Presentation, he also wrote The Four Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language For Network MarketingIce Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A PresentationHow To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, and Rapport!, and a lot more.

We won’t make this introduction long, enjoy reading and be inspired! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!


Name: Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Background: Sales, Marketing

Favorite gadget: Laptop computer

Hobbies: Travel


What is your recent book about?

Pre-Closing For Network Marketing.” In this book I describe how prospects make final decisions in the first few seconds. The human brain is designed to make instant and immediate decisions, and not to wait until the end of some long presentation. Salesman weight far too long to get the final decision.

What inspired you to write your book/s?

People want to know how things work. We are naturally curious. My books are all practical, short and clear explanations of problems that salespeople and marketers have. I am motivated to take complicated concepts and to make them simple.

What is the best chapter in your book people should read and why?

The first chapter. Once we understand that people make immediate decisions, it changes our entire sales presentation. We realize it is the phrases that we say earlier that create the final decision.

If you could give one piece of financial advice to our readers, what would it be?

What I wish they taught me in high school.

I graduated high school with no money skills. I wish one teacher would have taken the time to give the class a 10-minute lesson on money. That’s all it would take. Managing money to create wealth is not rocket science.

10 minutes?

It is not that complicated. Just a couple guidelines would have made everything easy. For example:

1. Buy stuff that goes up in value instead of down in value. What goes up in value? Investments in land, securities, our home. What goes down in value? Cars, costume jewelry, concert tickets, eating out.

2. Avoid debt. Debt is rewarding ourselves with things we have not saved for. What sounds better? Working hard, giving our salary to someone else to pay our debt? Or, having other people work hard and give their salary to us … to pay their debt to us?

3. Keep overheads low. A less expensive apartment and car means we have more money to buy stuff that goes up in value.

4. Invest in ourselves. We can double our income for the same amount of hours worked, if we learn good skills.

That’s it. In 10 minutes teachers could change their student’s lives.

As an author, which book/s made the most impact on you?

How to Win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. It taught me that if I said and did different things, people would react to me differently.

What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?

“How long did it take you to write your book?”



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