Money Talks 2: Brad Feld Interviewed

Another week, another post in the Money Talks series! This time we have an interview with the amazing Brad Feld, who despite his busy agenda found some time to answer some of our questions! Thanks Brad! Brad Feld is an American entrepreneur, author of many startup books, blogger, and venture capitalist, and a great inspiration to interview! Read below to find some of Brad’s startup advice and how to become more financially savvy!


Name: Brad Feld
Background: Managing Director, Foundry Group. Co-Founder, Techstars

Favorite gadgetFitbit
Hobbies:Reading, Writing, Running, Spending time with my wife Amy.


What inspired you to write your book?
In 2004, my partner Jason Mendelson and I decided to write a series of blog posts (about 30) on that demystified the term sheet. Venture capital financings were very opaque and we thought it would be fun and helpful to explain in detail, and plain English (to the extent we could) how they worked. We got incredible positive feedback from this blog series and decided to use it at the basis for the book Venture Deals. Around the same time David Cohen (co-CEO and co-founder) of Techstars and I were talking about writing a book that helped entrepreneurs learn some of the lessons from companies that had gone through the first few years of Techstars Boulder and Boston programs. This resulted in our book Do More Faster.

If I am an aspiring author, what advice can you give?
Read about writing – Stephen King’s On Writing is an excellent place to start. Get your writing out in the world so people can read it, give you feedback, and you can build the muscle of publishing what you’ve written.

If there’s one chapter in your book people should have read, which one should it be, and why?
I try to write in a way that you can choose any chapter and have it be valuable to read.

If you could give one piece of financial advice to our readers, what would it be?
Money is a tool, not the end goal. Use it appropriately.

As an author, what are some of the books that made the most impact on you?
My full reading list for the past few years in on Goodreads. I read about 75 books a year so I don’t have a magic impact book, but one that I recommend every entrepreneur read is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Thank you Brad, for spending the time to answer

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