The Best Real Estate Books

One of the safest things to invest in, is real estate. But where to get started with investing in real estate? We’re a bit biased, but we think that one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to get started with real estate investments is to read a book. There are many real estate books out, but we’ve made an attempt to list the best real estate books below. The list is based on our experience and talking to industry leaders and real estate investors. The actual list was too long to share, so we’ve made a selection of the top real estate books. Happy reading!

  • Analysis for Financial Management with S&P bind-in card (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate)
    Analysis for Financial Management with S&P bind-in card (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate)Analysis for Financial Management, 9e is a paperback text and has been written to present standard techniques and modern developments in a practical and intuitive manner. It is intended for non-financial managers and business students interested in the practice of financial management. Emphasis is on the managerial applications of financial analysis.
  • Irrational Exuberance
    Irrational ExuberanceAs Robert Shiller’s new 2009 preface to his prescient classic on behavioral economics and market volatility asserts, the irrational exuberance of the stock and housing markets “has been ended by an economic crisis of a magnitude not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The original and bestselling 2000 edition of Irrational Exuberance evoked Alan Greenspan’s infamous 1996 use of that phrase to explain the alternately soaring and declining stock market. In the second edition (2005), Shiller folded real estate into his analysis of market volatility, marshalling evidence that housing prices were dangerously inflated as well, a bubble that could soon burst, leading to a “string of bankruptcies” and a “worldwide recession.
  • The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine [Read online]
    The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday MachineThe real story of the crash began in bizarre feeder markets where the sun doesn’t shine and the SEC doesn’t dare, or bother, to tread: the bond and real estate derivative markets where geeks invent impenetrable securities to profit from the misery of lower–and middle–class Americans who can’t pay their debts. Michael Lewis creates a fresh, character-driven narrative brimming with indignation and dark humor, a fitting sequel to his #1 bestseller Liar’s Poker. “—Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair.
  • Real Estate: A Case Study Approach
    Real Estate: A Case Study ApproachThis text concentrates on the process of creating real estate value within the larger industry panorama which presents a wealth of opportunities and imposes many, ever-changing constraints. It identifies a number of qualities associated with the successful real estate entrepreneur through the cases studied. Every real estate professional will benefit from the practical look at the critical social, environmental, and project economy issues this guide so thoroughly addresses.
  • Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments
    Commercial Real Estate Analysis & InvestmentsLearn to analyze commercial real estate from an investment perspective with commercial real estate analysis and investments. Presenting the essential concepts, principles, and tools for the analysis of commercial real estate, this real estate text provides you with the tools you need to understand real estate investments in today’s dynamic economy. Studying is made easy with the CD-ROM that provides expanded coverage as well as spreadsheet examples of methodologies, data used in exhibits, lecture slide notes, and answers to study questions.
  • Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth: The 4 Stages to a Lifetime of Success [Read online]
    Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth: The 4 Stages to a Lifetime of Success“This new book by Bill Poorvu trumps any real estate book you’ve ever read. ” –James Grant, editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. There are plenty of “get rich quick in real estate” books, but this books builds on a solid foundation and lays the path to a sustainable investment into real estate.
  • Real Estate Finance & Investments (Real Estate Finance and Investments)
    Real Estate Finance & Investments (Real Estate Finance and Investments)The Fourteenth Edition of Real Estate Finance and Investments prepares students to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate. Concepts and techniques included in the chapters and problem sets are used in many careers related to real estate. The material in this edition is also relevant to individuals who want to better understand real estate for their own personal investment and financing decisions.


If you find anything missing in our real estate booklist, please let us know, and we’ll make the changes accordingly!