The best personal finance books for 2016

When you are looking for the best personal finance books, it’s hard to come up with a conclusive answer. There are many great sources of books, and you might be looking for your own niche in personal finance. Some of you might be looking for Get Rich Quickly books, some of you might be looking for something a bit more sustainable (or realistic ;-), and some of you might just be looking to get out of debt.

Whatever you are looking for, we’ve tried out best to come up with a good selection of personal finance books, ranging from classics like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” to lesser known books like “Your Money or Your Life”. If you’re looking to rethink your idea about getting rich, then Rich Dad Poor Dad is an absolute must-read. It explains in simple terms what the different mindset is between Rich People and Poor People, and where Rich People know the difference between Assets and Liabilities, Poor People put most of their money into Liabilities (or items which cost them money instead of gaining them money). A very interesting book if you want to understand the Rich mindset.

And this is the rest of our personal finance books:

We hope you’ll enjoy this list of personal finance books! If you have suggestions, additions, or find an error in our list, please let us know! Happy reading