Money Talks 4: Kelly Hoey Interview

Last time with Money Talks, we interviewed Dick Carpenter, the author of Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit. We weren’t able to add his question to our latest interview so we will do that in our next interviews.

We are so excited to share with you our first interview with a female author.  She is a lawyer, an investor, a speaker and named as one of the 100 most influential women on twitter. One of her books just made it’s launch last January 3, 2017 on Amazon and for us to be granted an interview with her is truly an honor. Ms. Kelly Hoey, thank you very much! Despite your busy schedule, you did not hesitate to give us some of your time… Thank you very much once again!

Kelly Hoey is the author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World. It is a very interesting book about Modern Networking, Social Media Communication and Business. Anyone who is looking forward into making their 2017 a success, this book will really help. We are not exaggerating but when the book launched, we were able to take a peek inside and as always, Moneylang is always right on choosing the most helpful and useful book. (well, we’re sorry, we are not going to tell you what’s inside, you gonna have to look for yourself to know more and to be inspired).

So, this is also the first time we made a long introduction, but that is because we missed all of you, our dear readers. Moneylang and it’s staff wished that every one had a very happy holidays! WELCOME 2017 and happy reading Moneylang-ers!


Name:  J. Kelly Hoey

Background:  A corporate lawyer who has networked her career into becoming a published author (a professional milestone I never imagined or frankly, aspired to).I studied political science and economics in university, then went to law school as I didn’t know what I wanted to “be”. From my initial jobs as an attorney to my numerous career-changes (law firm management, president of a global network for women, consultant, director of a startup accelerator) my career is only explained by my ability to network and build relationships.

Favorite gadget:  Until 2012 I would have said my Blackberry, however, these days (as I’m traveling frequently) I would say Tumi’s Universal Power Adapter.

Hobbies:  Food! Whether it is cooking, exploring a farmers market, discovering a new cookbook or chef, food has been a passion of mine for some time.



1. What inspired you to write your book/s?

A couple of things really inspired me to write my book “Build Your Dream Network”. The first was to scale the career and networking advice I’m frequently sought out for. Whether from a professional seeking to switch-gears with their career focus, someone pursuing a second-career or an entrepreneur seeking funding, I realized the only way I could help more people achieve the professional success they were seeking, was to write a book.

The second inspiration for writing my book can more accurately be described as a kick-in-the-pants! As I already noted, people seek out my networking advice, so when two authors reached out asking for my input for their books on networking, I thought “hold on! Maybe it is time for me to write a book on this subject!”.

Finally, I started writing regularly in 2013 / 2014 (newsletter, blogs, posts on LinkedIn etc.). This not only helped me find my “voice”, the feedback I received from readers truly boosted my writing confidence.

2. If I am an aspiring author, what advice can you give?

You need to be able to market a book, not simply write one. This comes as a surprise to many aspiring authors. Whether you choose to self-publish or seek a publisher, do not assume someone else is going to sell your book for you. The responsibility for marketing your book rests with you. The good news is, marketing yourself (and your future book) is something you can start doing well before your book is published (or more than a future ambition).

In my case, I had started blogging regularly in 2013 / 2014. I started writing a weekly newsletter in 2015. I began contributing to in 2015. I’ve been moderating panels and public speaking since 2009. And I’ve been an avid social media user since 2008. All of these activities not only contributed to my success in landing a literary agent and publisher, it is the foundation for the marketing of my book.

3. If there’s one chapter in your book people should have read, which one should it be, and why?

There are case studies through out the book which are really valuable illustrations of how others have reached a career milestone (from securing a board seat to crowd funding a venture to landing a job and moving up the corporate ladder) that would be my first suggested read. If however, you only want to read one chapter I’d say go to Chapter 6 “Connecting The Dots”. This is the “how to” chapter. My pet-peeve with so many networking books is that beyond inspirational stories there is no roadmap for the reader to create their own networking action plan. Chapter 6 really lays it out for readers.

4. If you could give one piece of financial advice to our readers, what would it be?

My three pieces of career advice are:

(1) build your expertise (2) build your network and (3) build your bank account.

By building your bank account, I’m not referring to a retirement savings account, rather a “yes, me” fund. An account that lets you say yes to your career dreams (whether it is a lower-paying job in a new professional field or starting your own company).

I’ve met too many people who have used the handcuff of a paycheck as an excuse not to do what they really want to do in their professional life. Start your yes-me fund! If you are not your own best investment, I don’t know what is.

5. As an author, which book made the most impact on you?

In writing my book, I’d say it’s a tie between ReWork, the business book from 37Signals and George Lois’ Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent).

6. What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?

If you could interview any author, who would it be?

So there we are! We enjoyed reading her interview too just like all of you, and we do with all of our interviews. Why? Because this is one way of getting to more about these great authors! And we hope that you, our reader, enjoyed it too, learned something and be inspired.

See you next week for our Money Talks segment only here at Moneylang!

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